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Double jaw surgery III

FINALLY! The day has come for my braces to come off! I am still forced to wear a plastic brace during the night and day (the day only for the first two weeks), but... The rail braces are gone! And the result is... jashdajdgasdhja! I am so happy! Not much left of the entire thing!

It's like... I can't even imagine that I've had that ugly teeth!Collapse )

Not much left to do. I am seriously so happy~


NärCon:X + Cosplay: Zexion - part Two

NärCon: X is less then a week away! Excited~ I haven't been at the university of Linköping since 2004 when I was there and worked at LinCon. I think the locals will work excellent for the convention, I really, really do. Maybe they might even be a tad too big? But there should be good spaces for photoshoots at least. And gods, need to take some proper pictures of my cosplay(s). Still need to decide, bring Ritsuka (from Loveless) or not. GAH. Such meaningless trivalties. Managed to make a temporary chain for my Organization XIII coat, excluding the proper "weights", or what I should call them. Haven't been able to get my hands on anything to do that, so... I... grabbed the handles from my sister's bag and used them for now. Heh~ It looks pretty decent, right?Collapse )

For sale [VERY picture heavy]

For several reasons I have no decided to sell off some things. Or lots of things. Under the cut shows some heavy image pictures of what I have (so far). Prices are up for discussion, especially if you buy LOTS of things.

För svenskar så är jag mer än villig att mötas upp någonstans. Jag kommer (förhoppningsvis, om försäljningen går bra) att finnas på NärCon:X, så vill du spara på frakten så kan jag ta med mig ner dit. Jag kommer också att finnas på Gackt-konserten i Stockholm i augusti, så kommer du dit (eller bor i Sthlm) så tar jag med mig dit också. Annars finns jag i Dalarna och kan mötas upp i Borlänge-trakten.

Om du vill ha det skickat så får köparen stå för frakten (och eventuella emballage-kostnader).

MANGACollapse )

GAMESCollapse )

MOVIESCollapse )

OTHERCollapse )

Double jaw surgery II

I don't know if you people might find it fascinating or not, but I decided (after some contemplation) to upload some before and after pictures. After the surgery. So you guys can see how awfully swollen I got.

Of course it is not taken directly after the surgery, not even the day after the surgery but the second day after. (I had my surgery the 17th, the after picture was taken the 19th.) So I think the swelling has gone down some, and... My face is not covered in dried blood as I washed it off the day before this picture was taken. That's why I have that huge band aid over my nose, because my nose started bleeding rather heavily after I tried to wash off the blood.

Anyway, picture is under the cut!Collapse )

Yes. Wonderful. Not. But I look better now. XD


Double jaw surgery

It is still less then a week since I got my surgery. Yes, for those of you that don't know (which is more or less all of you, hurr durr) I have been scheduled for a jaw surgery for over a year by now. And this Tuesday it was finally done. It's been a real ride, that's for sure, since I believed it was only my upper jaw that was meant to be tended to. But as I arrived on Monday and talked to my surgeron he told me that it was impossible to get a proper bite without having to perform surgery on both.

Read more...Collapse )

Just realise it feels good to have been able to go through with this. It is just a few more months left, then it is over. For now.


Cosplay: Zexion - part One

So I have FINALLY gotten my Zexion wig home. (for those of you that don't know, Zexion is one of my dream cosplays because he is just... THAT... awesomesauce.)

At first, I was actually disappointed. Because the color wasn't at all what I expected, and it was so stiff from whatever products they had in the wig. But I think that, with a bit of modding and styling, it can actually be pretty awesomesauce. -happy face-

Also, my friend has agreed on making my Lexicon. I said I am going to pay her for the material, and she so gracefully accepted. (because she is just really good at making things, lol.) I would do it myself, but... Yeah, too much to do really. And I still need to get started on my Kuja cosplay for UppCon: XI that I have for intention to compete in. Need to order the fabric and figure out what I can wear on my legs under all that revealing thongie-thingy.

Anyway, because I sort of want to show my Vexen my wig... Here it is!Collapse )

As I wrote before, it needs some tending to, but... I will be good. In the end. -nods-

Fic: Carefully designed plans

Title: Carefully designed plans
Author: susumi_chan 
Characters: Kostja, Nathan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word count: 994
Summary: All Kostja wanted was a night with himself, a newly obtained book and no interruptions. Of course, when you want exactly that things definetly will not go as planned.
A/N: For geminick , a "drabble" request from my dA. She wanted something with her characters Kostja and Nathan, simply to see how my view on the characters were. This is it. I really hope you will like this, and this is totally how I see them work together.
This piece also has not been beta read, all mistakes are my own. And characters belong to geminick 

Carefully designed plansCollapse )
It's okay to not be happy for other people once in a while, right? As long as you keep it to yourself and it doesn't hurt them. Right?